Life Insurance can be a wonderfully powerful financial product when thoroughly understood, expertly built, appropriately underwritten and thoughtfully managed.  However, this isn’t always the case.

Whether intentional or not, too many policies and policy owners have been harmed through inattention, misrepresentation, inappropriate marketing practices and outright fraud by insurance carriers, agents and trustees. 

I’m not an attorney so I don’t do the litigating.  I am a life insurance expert who works closely with policy owners and their advisors and counsel to understand what, if anything, has actually gone wrong and to find ways to fix it.  Most of my engagements don’t end up in litigation as I work with clients to avoid this when possible.  In fact, many times I am called in before legal counsel to help all of the parties involved get an unprecedented understanding of the insurance policy or portfolio, what has happened and why.  At times the outcome of this process is to realize that even though things may not have turned out the way they were “supposed to” there is not proven fault on anyone’s behalf, litigation will not result in anything and time and money will likely be wasted.

Other times my analysis reveals clear wrongdoing, sometimes so blatant that I can draft a demand letter to an insurance company that will right a wrong without ever having to involve an attorney. 

Often my decades of industry experience work hand in hand with an advisor team to bring industry information and practices to light that may have been overlooked or almost impossible to otherwise uncover.  Information that has been readily available sometimes contains a smoking gun that has not yet been recognized.  Very often my experience will short cut the process by such an extent that my fees pay for themselves.  The value of being an industry insider for many years in many different capacities is significant.

Besides my own knowledge base, the top names and minds in the life insurance practice, consulting and legal world are my friends and associates.  This is often invaluable as expertise I may not have in a particular niche is a phone call away.  Knowing who knows stuff can be half the battle.

Feel free to call to discuss a situation.  There is no charge for talking until we mutually decide an engagement is worthwhile.

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